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Facebook has deleted two popular groups promoting baseless conspiracy theories linking 5G towers to the coronavirus outbreak, however dozens of similar groups remain active. The “Stop 5G UK” and “Destroy 5G Save Our Children” pages, which together had more than 62,000 members, were removed following admin violations relating to Facebook’s policies about publicising crime. Other Facebook groups with tens of thousands of members […]

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New archaeological evidence from Nazareth reveals religious and political environment in era of Jesus

Nazareth, once thought to have been a small village, likely to have been a town of around 1,000 people, new evidence suggests Remarkable new archaeological discoveries in Israel are revealing important details about the religious and political environment in which Jesus is said to have grown up, and which are likely to have influenced his own religious […]

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New Space Telescope Cheops Ready for Science – Observes

Cheops, ESA’s new exoplanet mission, has successfully completed its almost three months of in-orbit commissioning, exceeding expectations for its performance. The satellite, which will commence routine science operations by the end of April, has already obtained promising observations of known exoplanet-hosting stars, with many exciting discoveries to come. The in-orbit commissioning phase was an exciting period, and […]

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Compared to a conventional computer, this device has a learning capability that is not software-based’ A major computing breakthrough has allowed researchers to develop ultra-low power devices capable of operating at the same voltage level as a brain. Scientists at the University of Massachusetts Amherst figured out a way to use biological, electricity conducting filaments to make […]

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Alcohol-intake during lockdown could cause second health crisis: Doctor.

Scientists at the University of Portsmouth have launched a study to understand how many people are turning to alcohol to handle the stress, anxiety and boredom of being isolated at home Doctors fear a “second health crisis” as a result of increased alcohol consumption during the Covid-19 lockdown. Scientists at the University of Portsmouth have launched a study in a bid […]

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EU urges caution as countries begin to reopen schools and shops

European Commission wants gradual and cautious approach Brussels has unveiled a roadmap for the lifting of coronavirus lockdown measures, warning members states should coordinate any easing of restrictions rather than going it alone. The European Commission said its 27 member states should move cautiously and follow scientific evidence, as Austria, Denmark, and the Czech republic started to […]

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