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Beware this devious malware is pretending to be gaming cheats

Gamers are at risk of losing sensitive data, experts warn. Cybercriminals are trying to distribute new information-stealing malware by presenting it as gaming cheats and hacks.  According to cybersecurity researchers from Cluster25, the malware, dubbed “Erbium”, is a malware-as-a-service, meaning whoever pays the monthly fee, gets to use all of its features. Right now, the tool is […]

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4 reasons Why you should Buy Lenovo ThinkPad L490

The Lenovo ThinkPad L490 is a fantastic computer with the excellent build quality and lots of integrated security features. It also has sufficient computing power for your regular everyday and works demands. If you haven’t checked at the Lenovo ThinkPad L490, you can do so here. The ThinkPad L490 shows off with its supreme durability […]

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Ransomware explained: How it works and how to remove it

Despite a recent decline, ransomware is still a serious threat. Here’s everything you need to know about file-encrypting malware and how it works. Ransomware definition Ransomware is a form of malware that encrypts a victim’s files. The attacker then demands a ransom from the victim to restore access to the data upon payment.  Users are shown instructions […]

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PayPal cancels customers’ accounts

Cites “Acceptable Use Policy” In the past 48 hours or so PayPal’s UK arm has canceled the accounts of a number of campaigning organizations including the Free Speech Union, legal campaigners Law or Fiction, parents group UsForThem, and even the personal account of the FSU’s founder journalist Toby Young. The only reason the company has […]

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Breaking: Court orders ASUU to suspend strike

The Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) has been ordered to stop its seven-month strike by the National Industrial Court of Nigeria (NICN). The decision came as a result of the federal government’s legal counsel being granted the injunction. In order to prevent ASUU from continuing the strike while Chris Ngige, the minister of labor […]

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