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7 Best video editing laptop in 2022

Working with raw HD or 4K video or creating special effects will necessitate the use of one of the best video editing laptops. While a low-cost laptop can trim small clips, it lacks a fast processor, powerful discrete graphics, and a high-resolution display. To be the best video editing laptop, it must have a discrete […]

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Twitter working on end-to-end encryption for Direct Messages

Elon Musk’s Twitter has been all over the news ever since the tech entrepreneur took over the social network. Musk set out to make massive changes at the company, including a disastrous Twitter Blue verification blunder. And he did it while firing thousands of employees and contractors along the way. But one good development comes from Musk’s Twitter […]

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If you use any of these passwords, you must change them immediately

Using strong and unique passwords for each of your online accounts is highly recommended, as it can prevent them from being hacked. However, even though most people are aware of this, many are still using weak passwords despite the security risk of doing so. According to a new blog post from Cybernews, the incredibly simple “123456,” “12345” and “password” are […]

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Dell XPS 13 Plus vs. Apple MacBook Air M1

The Dell XPS 13 Plus represents half of the new 13-inch XPS lineup, offering a higher performance and more innovative machine compared to the more affordable XPS 13. Both are among the best laptops on the market. Apple’s MacBook Air M1 is the old-school choice, hanging onto an affordable design that’s been refined over many years into […]

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Beware: This malicious Chrome extension can monitor your keystrokes and steal your credit card information

Researchers at Zimperium zLabs discovered a malicious browser extension, dubbed Cloud9, that can steal users’ private and sensitive information, and take complete control of the victim’s device. What makes Cloud9 particularly unnerving is that it steals data by tracking your keystrokes (i.e. keylogging). It spies on victims’ web browser activity, which would delight any cybercriminal. After all, […]

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5 signs your mobile might have malware

Learn to detect malware and how to fight back It used to be safe to use your mobile device without worrying about viruses, spyware, or other malware infections. But as society has shifted to using mobile as its primary source of online access, cybercriminals have also shifted their focus. Most antivirus software is now formatted to work […]

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