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These 3 Android apps are stealing your banking info via screen recording — remove them ASAP before you’re next

Hackers will stop at nothing to snatch your hard-earned money In case you missed it, cybersecurity firm ThreatFabric published a report last Friday regarding its discovery of five malicious Google Play apps masquerading as legitimate services, including finance tracking and calculating taxes.  The quintet of apps fall under two relatively new malware families: Vultur and Sharkbot. And […]

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How to stop Windows from spying on you

The fact that big tech corporations milk your data isn’t exactly a secret nowadays. But what about Microsoft? Is Microsoft too responsible for collecting your data without your permission? Well, not technically, at least. Remember, whenever you accept to use any tech service or product for free, in most cases, you automatically sign away your […]

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WhatsApp is now rolling out the new Call Links feature to more users

Popular instant messaging platform WhatsApp is now rolling out the new Call Links feature to more users now. WhatsApp has been working on a lot of new features in the past few months. Be it the ability to turn yourself into a sticker, allowing up to 1,024 people in group chats, to even letting you create group polls. It is […]

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