Wednesday , December 2 2020
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Turning cells into computers with protein logic gates

New artificial proteins have been created to function as molecular logic gates. Like their electronic counterparts in computers, these biochemical tools can be used to program the behavior of complex systems, such as gene regulation inside human T-cells. This new advance might improve the durability of future cell-based therapies. The …

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How China wants to keep coronavirus critics silent – but its journalists are fighting back

china has been frantically trying to contain coronavirus for several months, but it is secretly waging another fight during the crisis – with the country’s journalists. China’s journalists say it all started with the death of Dr Li Wenliang – a whistleblower whose attempt to warn the country about the coronavirus outbreak was silenced …

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In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, which has so far claimed the lives of 335 people in the UK, the prime minister, Boris Johnson, has imposed a three-week nationwide lockdown.  The prime minister has instructed British households to stay at home except for a strictly limited set of reasons, with police having powers to …

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How labelling and storing your food can help to avoid coronavirus panic buying

We’ve seen the headlines, the photos and videos. Lines of panicked buyers that snake across massive carparks. Bare shelves and buying restrictions on everything from toilet paper to cleaning supplies and long life milk. Elderly people waiting nervously for early opening hours and supermarket executives urging us not to panic. …

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How HP is using 3D printing to help fight the coronavirus

HP pledged to use its 3D printing teams to make much-needed hospital supplies to help stop the spread of the coronavirus, officially known as COVID-19. The tech company has set up a dedicated website for healthcare workers to find a 3D printing partner to create much-needed medical supplies, equipment, or devices. Designs include …

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