Friday , December 4 2020
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The best ultra-wide monitors for comfortable use.

Want the ultimate monitor for creativity, productivity, or gaming? Look no further than an ultra-wide! We grabbed our testing gloves and pit the best ultra-wide monitors against each other in a battle for your bucks. Our experience? More than a hundred published reviews covering monitors of all sizes — including ultrawides. We …

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WhatsApp secret tricks you might not know about

WhatsApp. Wonderful, wonderful, WhatsApp.The messaging service that made BBM look boring and text messages redundant. Of course, there are now heaps of messaging services around, but WhatsApp had a massive head start on almost all of them, meaning it has tonnes of features. For those familiar with the beauty of the service, here …

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How does overclocking work?

Overclocking works by increasing the CPU (Central Processing Unit) of your PC to boost its performance beyond what it was designed for. An overclocked desktop can perform more operations per second by increasing the component’s clock rate. In the computer’s BIOS (Basic Input/Output System), setting a higher clock rate increases …

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Core i9 9900K MSI Z390-A Pro 8GB RGB Upgrade Kit

This Bundle Includes MSI Z390-A PRO USB 3.1 Intel Motherboard Intel 9th Generation Core i9 9900K Processor – 16MB Cache, 5.0GHz Turbo, 95W TDP Crucial Ballistix Tactical 8GB 3000MHz RGB Gaming Memory Antec C400 Cooler Core i9 9900K MSI Z390-A Pro 8GB RGB Upgrade Kit Introducing the Evetech Intel 9th Gen Core i9 9900K MSI Z390-A Pro 8GB RGB …

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