Thursday , August 13 2020

Ritelink’s Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Software for your Business

Choosing the right business management software can feel like a daunting experience. For years we’ve advise our customers during their new software implementation process, and we’ve discovered that there are many recurring problems and questions that arise during this process. Buying the right software solutions returns a long-term benefit and …

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Computer village traders protest against harassment, extortion by market leaders

Computer Village, Ikeja Traders and members of the Community Development Association (CDA) at Computer Village, Ikeja yesterday shut the commercial hub to protest against alleged exploitation and high-handedness of the Iyaloja and Babaloja of the market. They alleged that since the imposition of the Iyaloja, Abimbola Azeez, and Babaloja, Adeniyi …

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HP Elite Dragonfly review A dream come true for the traveling professional

What makes this laptop indispensible for the traveling professional, though, is the LTE integration. Some driver issues stopped us from having a totally seamless experience with having an “online anywhere” experience, but for the most part it’s become a feature that we’re having trouble imagining life without.  Essentially, as traveling …

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