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Gmail now has over 10bn users on Android smartphones

Google’s email service has reached a new milestone as Gmail for Android has now surpassed 10bn installs on the Google Play Store. Billions of people around the world currently use the search giant’s email app for both their work and personal email accounts especially as it comes pre-installed on almost all Android smartphones. Over the years, Google has added new features […]

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How to clear your cache, cookies on your Android phone’s web browser

Your Android phone‘s web browser may have built up quite the collection of data while browsing the internet. This data, which typically fills your web browser’s cache and cookies, can help improve how quickly your browser loads by saving assets from websites you frequently visit as well as saving preferences, such as letting you stay […]

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Top five superhero games for Android

Whether it’s Captain America, Ironman, Wonder Woman or the machines of Transformers – we all have our favorite superheroes. So, when you get the chance to play one of them — at least in the gaming world — then why let the chance slide? This week, we have curated the top five superhero games for […]

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