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All you need to know about Dell XPS 13

So, you decided to buy the new XPS 13. Good choice! The 2020 redesign of the XPS formula looks brilliant, from its tighter design to its redesigned keyboard. I was thoroughly impressed when I went hands-on with the laptop earlier this year. However, with configurations that range from #360,000 to over #720,000, you might be left scratching your […]

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Dell 9510 Latitude laptop: An Intel powered with 5G connectivity

5G is expected to be everywhere in 2020, and traditional Windows laptops are no exception either. Now Dell has announced the Latitude 9510 laptop, and it’s packing Intel power and 5G connectivity. The 15-inch Latitude 9510 sports a Qualcomm X55 modem with sub-6Ghz 5G connectivity only, which means you’re missing out on mmWave 5G if you get this device. We’ve asked about […]

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