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How to Stop Google From Tracking You

Google is tracking you if you have Location History and Web and App Activity settings enabled. Here’s how to disable them. If you’re using any of Google’s apps on your iPhone or Android device, there’s a good chance you’re being tracked by the search giant. Although your Google account’s location history is disabled by default, […]

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Google to set up first Africa Development Centre in Kenya

International multinational technology company, Google, has announced that it will be setting up its first Africa product development centre in Nairobi, Kenya. The centre which is expected to help create transformative products and services for people in Africa and around the world is coming barely 4 weeks after Microsoft opened the new African Development Centre […]

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Google is planning to support startups and SMEs in Africa with $6 million in funding

As part of its commitment to African startups and underserved communities, Google today announced new initiatives targeted at startups and SMEs in Africa. This includes a $3 million Black Founders Fund for African startups and a $3 million grant to help low-income communities develop entrepreneurial skills and funding. Google for Startups Black Founders Fund The Google […]

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Chromebook turns 10: Looking back and moving forward

10 years ago, computing was complicated. Slow boot times, clunky hardware and intrusive updates were the norm. Computers were invented before the internet, and they hadn’t fully caught up to how people were using the web. So Google set out to design something new. The idea was to create a cloud-first experience that was fast, […]

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Google launches a cool new document scanner called Stack

Google’s Area 120 – an in-house incubator, where Google engineers pursue their pet projects that sometimes turn into actual products – has launched a document scanner called Stack, and it may just be one of the best such apps out there.  Like most document scanners, Stack uses your phone’s camera to create a scan of a document, […]

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What is Google Assistant?

The app was first introduced by Google in 2016 and today competes with other virtual assistants, such as Microsoft Cortana, Apple Siri, and Amazon Alexa. Google Assistant is the default virtual assistant preinstalled on many Android smartphones. In addition to helping throughout the day to make your life easier, the Google Assistant app provides advanced […]

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How to update browser’s homepage

How can I update my browser’s homepage? Internet browsers are preloaded with a default homepage, often or, which opens upon launching your Web browser. These preset pages can be easily changed to launch a default homepage of your choice. The steps for changing the default homepage vary slightly depending on your Internet browser. […]

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