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How to Update System Drivers

Security updates, bug fixes, performance enhancements, and drivers are all available for updates on your computer. Though you may have a basic understanding of what security updates and performance enhancements entail, you may be less familiar with drivers. In plain terms, a driver is software that allows your computer device to connect to external devices, […]

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How to Screenshots iPad Using Keyboard Shortcuts

Many iPad owners know how to take a screenshot using the device’s physical buttons, but many iPad owners using connected keyboards may not realize that they can also use keyboard shortcuts that make capturing screenshots even easier. Apple has brought its macOS screenshot shortcuts to iOS, so if you often make screen captures on your Mac then you’ll already know […]

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What is Cortana and what can Cortana do?

What is Cortana and what can Cortana do? Cortana is a personal digital assistant from Microsoft, similar to Apple’s Siri and Google’s “OK Google,” that comes standard with Windows 10. If you have a Windows 10 device, such as a Lenovo Yoga or ThinkPad Series laptop, you can take advantage of this tool. Cortana is many things at once: a […]

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How to Use Skype

What is Skype and how do you use it? Skype is an Internet communication service where users can call mobile phones from their computer, send instant messages or video chat with other users at the click of a button. Many of the services are free, and with an affordable monthly subscription to Skype Premium users […]

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