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How to clean up your Windows 10 for smooth operation of your machine

These days, a relatively clean and uncomplicated Windows 10 system disk might be home to more than 150,000 files and 90,000 folders. A more complex, application-heavy system disk might contain between half a million and a million files. That’s a lot of files! Indeed, not all those files need be kept around. …

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What are the differences between Microsoft Office 2016, 2019 and Office 365?

Microsoft Office may be the de facto productivity tool for millions of workers worldwide, but it’s no monolith. Rather than a single, towering smooth-black Office, there’s a whole Stonehenge of options: Office on the iPhone, on iPad, Office on Android smartphones, Office on personal computers, Windows and macOS, Office with …

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5 Things to Know Before Replacing a MacBook With the Surface Laptop

Microsoft interestingly chose an education-focused event to launch the newest member of the Surface series of computers: the Surface Laptop. It was interesting because almost everything about the Surface Laptop spells premium; from the laser-cut Alcantara material that wraps the keyboard and trackpad, to feats like implementing the thinnest LCD …

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