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Why Charging Your Phone Overnight Is Bad

Charging your smartphone overnight can damage the battery and shorten its lifespan. Here’s everything you need to know. How do you increase the charge on your smartphone battery? You might think charging it while you’re asleep to regularly hit 100 percent is beneficial, but that actually harms your battery and shortens its life. Here’s the truth about […]

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What is hybrid laptop?

A hybrid laptop is one that can be used as either a laptop or a standalone tablet. Its changeable, hybrid design is intended to offer something for everyone: For laptop users: A touch screen and other tablet-style conveniences For tablet users: A PC operating system, keyboard, and other features of a laptop Hybrids — also called 2-in-1s […]

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This is Google’s no-notch Pixel 3 smartphone

Well, it was bound to happen. After several consecutive weeks of leaks spilled nearly every detail about its larger Pixel 3 XL counterpart, the first real-world photos of Google’s Pixel 3 have been published by 9to5Google. And just as we’d anticipated, the front of the phone looks just like a mini Pixel 2 XL; there’s […]

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Motorola launches two notched Android One phones

Motorola has officially launched the One and the One Power, two new phones created for Google’s Android One program. While that doesn’t mean they’re created specifically for emerging markets — Android One initially focused on entry-level devices but evolved into a series of phones that gets updates from Google quickly and consistently — they’re not […]

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How to use your smartphone without ruining your health

Our smartphones are our constant companions. We hunch over their screens, gaze at their blue-tinted light, and sacrifice human companionship for digital company. Over time, all these habits can wreak havoc on our health. Luckily, you can avoid some of these negative effects without entirely relinquishing your pocket computer’s company. Here’s how to protect your […]

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