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You can now sign up for Telegram without a SIM card

Telegram version 9.2 comes with auto-delete conversations, Aggressive Anti-Spam mode, and more Like WhatsApp, Telegram requires a phone number to sign up for the service, with your account tied to it. Privacy-conscious folks might not be comfortable with this, even though the best communication app for Android lets you hide your number from other users. Telegram is […]

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Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) issues warning to Telegram on new ways hackers are attacking the messaging app

The Nigerian Communications Commission’s Computer Security Incident Response Team (NCC-CSIRT) has advised users to use two-factor authentication to protect their Telegram accounts and not to download unknown Advanced IP Scanner Software in response to the discovery of a new attack that compromises victims’ VPN (Virtual Private Network) accounts to compromise messaging app, Telegram. Ukrainian cyber […]

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Telegram Now Supports Video Calls With Up To 1,000 Users

One of the selling points of Zoom was that it could support a large number of users at any given time. This made it useful for companies to host meetings while their employees worked from home, or for schools to host classes and lectures that would typically have 50 or more students at once. However, […]

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Telegram Will Start Monetizing Itself In 2021

For the longest time ever since it launched, Telegram has remained free to use. The app boasts about 500 million users to date, which means that it has a very large platform should they choose to monetize it, and it looks like they will finally be doing that and it will be coming in the […]

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