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Here is the best thing about the current Android 13 update

After months of testing, Google has finally unleashed Android 13, its current Android smartphone update for 2022. As far as updates go, it’s not one that you’ll notice. I’ve been using Android 13 for around two months prior to its release, and it’s been a pretty whelming experience. Unlike iOS 16, which is a large and hefty […]

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Google Chrome users must update immediately or risk attacks

Google has advised Chrome users to update the web browser to the latest version in order to avoid being targeted by cybercriminals. Late last week, the company released Chrome 99.0.4844.84 for Windows, Mac, and Linux, which fixes a high severity zero-day vulnerability that allows for remote code execution. In an advisory published alongside the update, the company explained that […]

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5 hidden but useful WhatsApp features you need to try

WhatsApp is an app that constantly updates with heaps of new improvements and changes to how users can enjoy the app. Recently, we’ve seen the messaging app announce big changes to how it lets users handle in-app voice messages, now allowing users to pause and resume voice messages as they wish. These updates are public and […]

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Microsoft releases procedures for upgrading to Windows 11 on unsupported PCs

A new support page on Microsoft’s support website provides instructions on installing Windows 11. A paragraph on the page includes instructions on upgrading Windows 10 devices that are not compatible with Windows 11’s system requirements to Windows 11. When Microsoft announced Windows 11, it shocked part of the userbase with its updated system requirements for the operating […]

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See the Complete List of Windows 11 Compatible Laptops and Desktop PCs

Microsoft released its first insider preview of Windows 11 late last month, and since then, some of the major OEMs have released their official list of laptops and desktop PCs that will receive the Windows 11 update. That means all the laptops and desktops listed here meet the Windows 11 system requirements, including TPM support, CPU compatibility, and […]

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