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WhatsApp finally supports text formatting including bulleted lists, quotes, and more

WhatsApp, the ubiquitous messaging platform, announced today a suite of new text formatting features for enhanced communication across its iOS, Android, web, and Mac platforms. These features, including bulleted and numbered lists, block quotes, and inline code, empower users to present information with greater clarity and organization. Previously limited to bold, italic, strikethrough, and monospace […]

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How to Send Original Quality Photos and Videos in WhatsApp

WhatsApp has rolled out a new option that lets users on iPhone share photos and video over the messaging platform in their original quality. Here’s how it works and how to use it. Previously, WhatsApp users could only send media in high resolution or “HD quality.” But while that is a welcome improvement that addressing the service’s low quality […]

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WhatsApp to get cross-platform messaging soon

The EU (European Union) regulations for 2024 require companies like Alphabet (Google), Amazon, Apple, ByteDance, Meta,  and Microsoft to enable interoperability with third-party messaging platforms. In line with this, Meta has taken the first step towards bringing cross-platform messaging to WhatsApp. According to new reports, a new screen titled ‘Third-party Chats’ is visible on the latest beta version of WhatsApp. As […]

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WhatsApp now has the ability to share videos in HD

After introducing the ability to share HD photos early this month, the messaging app adds the ability to videos. What you need to know WhatsApp recently added the ability to share photos in HD alongside the “standard” quality. While that was a welcome change, the Meta-owned platform is introducing the capability to share videos in […]

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How to send HD photos on WhatsApp: Newest feature

WhatsApp is known for lowering the quality of sent images but with the latest feature, you can now send HD photos to your friends. Today, we will show you how to send HD photos on WhatsApp using the newest feature! WhatsApp continues to push boundaries with a slew of new features, and the recent introduction […]

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How to archive and unarchive WhatsApp chats

WhatsApp, with its vast user base and widespread popularity, serves as a hub for conversations that involve anything from casual chatter to important discussions that contain key holiday plans or work schedules. When it all gets a bit messy and overwhelming, you might want to tidy up your chat list without losing access to information […]

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