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Microsoft is finally adding tabs to File Explorer in Windows 11

In the latest Windows 11 preview build, Microsoft offers a set of improvements and fixes to test. There are welcomed changes but none of them are groundbreaking. Still, enthusiasts quickly discovered that Microsoft is hiding some truly exciting changes in build 22572. Windows users have been asking Microsoft to bring tabs to File Explorer for many […]

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Finally Windows 11 runs Android apps, but there are limits

One of the most surprising Windows 11 features is its support for Android. But when you realize that Microsoft makes its own Android phone and that Windows 10 already established a link between the PC and your phone, it all makes sense. Why shouldn’t you be able to run the Android apps you love on Windows 11? The problem […]

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How to spot fake Windows 11 downloads

Here are our top tips so you can avoid Windows 11 scams At long last Windows 11 has been released, coming out to rave reviews that praised its fresh new design. However, amid all the excitement, you’ll want to be wary of any bad actors looking to take advantage of the situation and offer you a fake […]

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Microsoft releases procedures for upgrading to Windows 11 on unsupported PCs

A new support page on Microsoft’s support website provides instructions on installing Windows 11. A paragraph on the page includes instructions on upgrading Windows 10 devices that are not compatible with Windows 11’s system requirements to Windows 11. When Microsoft announced Windows 11, it shocked part of the userbase with its updated system requirements for the operating […]

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Windows 11 is Here: What to expect from Microsoft’s next big OS

Windows 11 is going to be radically different from Windows 10 and, in the words of Satya Nadella, the biggest update to Windows. HIGHLIGHTS Microsoft is set to launch the new Windows at the June 24 event. It is very likely that this will be Windows 11 that will feature visual overhaul. Microsoft’s Satya Nadella […]

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